A Vinyl Wrap Means Protection and Style

You’re not only getting a custom look, but also protection for your vehicle or boat.

We use high quality, industry leading wrap films that are available in hundreds of colours and finishes. The adhesive layer protects your OEM paint from minor scratches and UV damage, best of all, the wrap is fully removable.

Boat Wraps

Protect your boat from the harsh NZ sun while out on the water. A vinyl wrap is a cost effective way to ensure the paint on your boat stays fresh. A digital print is a great option if you are looking to personalise, or simply change the colour. We can also add a custom boat name to match.

Vehicle Wraps

Customise and protect your vehicle from UV damage and abrasions with a colour change wrap.
We use high quality, industry leading wrap films that are available in hundreds of colours and finishes.

A Protective Barrier

The vinyl wrap provides a protective barrier against minor damage like scratches, stone chips and UV fading across your car’s paintwork. And when you’re done with your vehicle, the wrap can be easily removed in no time – and with no damage to the paintwork underneath (if applied to OEM paint). We can also combine a vehicle wrap with fleet branding to bring your new vehicle’s colour in line with the existing colour of your fleet. Combine it with signage and you’re on your way to reaching the biggest possible audience.

chrome delete & Paint protection film

Chrome Delete

This is where we wrap the chrome areas of the vehicle for a more custom look. This is usually a black out look using a satin or gloss black vinyl. Common areas include window trims, front and rear grills and badges.

Visualise It

Not sure about whether or not a vinyl wrap would look good on your vehicle? Feel free to get in touch to talk through your options, or check out the handy visualisers from our suppliers at 3M Wrap and Avery Wrap.

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film defends against scratches, stone chips, UV and other damaging environmental contaminants keeping paint in top condition and preserving its market value. The film can be used for full body wraps or for targeted protection of high impact areas such as front bumper and bonnet.

Our Recent Wraps

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