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Why Wrap?

If your OEM paint is in good condition and you want to protect it, then a wrap is a great option. If your vehicle needs a paint job, then paint is the best option.
Paint is permanent where as a wrap is temporary. A vinyl wrap protects your original paintwork of your vehicle and is easy to remove when you want to on-sell.

Can you recreate my existing fleet design?

If you want to keep your fleet consistent with the same branding, we can re create graphics and match colours to replicate what you already have.

How long does a Wrap last?

This can depend on the after care of the wrap. Vinyl graphics (just like paint) are degraded by prolonged exposure to sun and atmospheric pollutants. There are ways you can help the longevity of your wrap such as storing the vehicle in the shade and keeping the wrap clean.
The film comes with a 5 year vertical panel warranty and a 2 year horizontal panel warranty.

Do you do design?

Yes we can help with designing your vehicle or building signage. All we need is your logo files and images of your vehicle or building.

How long does a wrap take to install?

We will generally need the vehicle for a week. To get a quality install, we give the vehicle a thorough clean down and remove any exterior parts to create a clean finish.

How do I know what signage I need for my business?

We can work with you and discuss different materials and designs for the job. If you have a budget you need to stick to, we can help find solutions to suit you.


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