4WD Solutions Partial Wrap

This was a really fun project for the team to work on involving a few methods and materials not often used.

4WD Solutions Cambridge are award-winning, industry leaders, stocking a comprehensive range of accessories, and providing top quality vehicle servicing and repairs. 

This vehicle will be travelling around the greater Waikato on a daily basis so good branding was a must! The client had a clear vision for what they were wanting, using reflective print media to make the branding stand out 24/7

All 4WD Solutions branding was printed on a reflective print media. Supplier logos were reverse weeded from a brushed metal wrap film, this means the black of the vehicle is the black of the logos. 

We produced a few designs that we thought would work well using a reflective print media. The brushed metal partial wrap on the rear separates the suppliers logos from the 4WD branding, making it easy to see at a glance - this is important for vehicle branding!

We are really stoked with the result of this project! It was a real team effort with everyone doing their part at each stage of the job. Design - set up - printing and install.

Cheers Morgan & Jayne, looking forward to doing the next one!