Here are 5 super simple ways to extend the life of your vehicle or boat wrap.

1. Keep it clean
The best way to clean your wrap is the old fashioned way, with soapy water and a sponge. We recommend using a simple car wash with no extra waxes. Allow to dry naturally or dab dry with a chamois or a soft towel, being careful not to lift the edges of the wrap. Avoid automatic car washes as the brushes can lift areas of the wrap

2. Avoid waterblasting
The high pressure water can lift parts of the vinyl. Use a regular garden hose to wash and rinse and take extra care around edges.

3. Wipe away bird poo ASAP
Clean off bird droppings as soon as you can. If left for too long, they can start to deteriorate the wrap film.

4. Park in the shade
To protect against UV damage try to park your wrapped vehicle in the shade, in a garage or under some kind of cover as much as possible.

5. Seal the deal
Croftgate have a range of after care products specifically designed for cleaning and protecting your wrap. One product that we recommend the most is their Matte & Gloss Sealant. This is a spray on wax that seals and protects both matte and gloss wraps. Buff this on with a microfibre towel after washing to further enhance the finish of your wrap.

Regular washing and use of protectants will preserve your wrap and keep it looking fresh for years to come.